May 8, 2012


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International Symposium | Ars et Medicina

I will be presenting a paper at the Ars et Medicina Symposium at the Norwegian Institute in Rome, from Monday 7th May-Tuesday 8th May.

From antiquity to the present, medical science and art have been inextricably entwined. Contemporary artists collaborate with medical scientists, and medical professionals still find inspiration for new medical techniques and practices in art. The lectures in this symposium will be in-depth case studies illustrating the varied relationships between art and medicine.

The symposium lectures will be structured in sessions composed of lectures related to each other by topic and/or disciplinary perspective. Both medical scientists with interests in the arts, and scholars of the arts with interests in science and medicine will participate. Participants will confront the challenge of engaging in discussion of how medical science and the humanities enrich and inspire each other and will attempt to transcend disciplinary borders and challenge pre-existing interpretations of the relationship between medical theory, practice and artistic expression.