February 20, 2014


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Book Publication: The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture

Book Publication: The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture
A book by Jac Scott
Published by Crowood Press
Publication Date: February 2014

An update on the much anticipated book by Jac Scott. The book will bear the title “The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture” and 55,000 words and 223 catalogued images are now with the publishers. The book is expected to be published by Crowood Press in February 2014. “The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture” will be a visual feast featuring a number of international sculptors expressing their attitudes in 3D. The artists selected include Andre Woodward, Catherine Bertola, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Liliana Porter, Mary Giehl, Marilene Oliver, Pascale Pollier, Kate MccGwire, Niko Neelova, Michael Shaw, YaYa Chou, Yuebin Gong, Peter Freeman, Paul Moss, Rachel Allen, Eliza Bennett, Awst & Walther, Andrew Burton, Noam Ben-Javov, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Stelios Manganis, Mark Houghton, Janet Curley-Cannon, Cath Keay, Liz West, David Alesworth, Dorcas Casey and Andrea Hasler.