January 1, 2013


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Book Publication: Revolutionary Sculpture

Book Publication: Revolutionary Sculpture
A book by Jac Scott.
Published by Crowood Press
Publication Date: 2013

I have been selected by artist Jac Scott for her next book about mixed-media sculpture. ‘Revolutionary Sculpture’ will be a visual feast featuring a number of international sculptors expressing their attitudes in 3D. The artists selected include Andre Woodward, Catherine Bertola, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Liliana Porter, Mary Giehl, Marilene Oliver, Pascale Pollier, Kate MccGwire, Niko Neelova, Michael Shaw, YaYa Chou, Yuebin Gong, Peter Freeman, Paul Moss, Rachel Allen, Eliza Bennett, Awst & Walther, Andrew Burton, Noam Ben-Javov, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Stelios Manganis, Mark Houghton, Janet Curley-Cannon, Cath Keay, Liz West, David Alesworth, Dorcas Casey and Andrea Hasler. The book will be published by Crowood Press.