May 26, 2013


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Artist Residency Review

Artist Residency Review
Multimedia Installation
Outlandia, Glen Nevis, Scotland
20th-26th May 2013

An update following my residency at Outlandia. The communication between man and environmental elements, through technological aids was my project’s main concern. In addition, I examined how creating a social dialogue between Ben Nevis and the local community, through an investigation of new boundaries of perception and illustration of the natural environment, could practically be achieved both effectively and efficiently. The resulting visual enhances the concept of communication between individual trees, and between the tree and the viewer. In addition, it creates an additional dimension to the aesthetic properties linked to the overall movement and response of the trees to natural impulses, such as the wind and light. The installation allowed viewers from around the world to interact with the local environment and experience the actual visual effect created in real time, through the live streaming of the video footage from Outlandia. You can read more about the technical aspects of the installation if you follow the link above.